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Grease Lubrication

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Grease -As per ASTM D 288(American Society for Testing and Materials) lubricating grease can be defined as: "A solid to semi fluid product of dispersion of a thickening agent in liquid lubricant. Other ingredients imparting special properties may be included" .

Greases are typically applied in areas where a continuous supply of oil cannot be retained, such as open bearings or gears.  When selecting suitable grease, factors considered are operating temperatures, water resistance, oxidation stability etc. Grease's characteristics, including viscosity and consistency also consider.

There are numerous applications for grease, most are for lubricating bearings of various types. There are two main categories of bearing  i.e., plain or anti friction. In addition, these types of lubricants are often used for the lubrication of ways and guides.

As a general rule, grease used for lubricating ways and slides are sodium-base greases. Plain bearings on the other hand use grease for limited speeds, typically below 300 RPM with a practical maximum of about 400 RPM. On the other hand, greases for anti-friction (high-speed) bearings include those used for plain bearings with the exception of barium greases. Barium should never be used for high-speed applications.

Extreme pressure greases are commonly used in heavy-duty ball and roller bearings, as well as plain bearing applications that are subjected to high-loading conditions. A gear set is a perfect example where EP grease is used to overcome high-load conditions. However, operating temperatures are typically limited to a range of 150o to 200ºF for this type of lubricate.


NLGI Grease Classification (National Lubricating Grease Institute)

The consistency of industrial greases are classified by the distance in tenths of a millimeter, that a standard cone penetrates a sample of the grease under standard conditions at 25ºC


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